Douglas GloverAshcroft was getting on my nerves. I know a lot about human relations; they’re like strips of flypaper. He just wanted a little professional advice, a mentor, a pal. And I wanted to be left alone. All three of my marriages had begun with as little provocation. Anne Delos had wanted to borrow a coin so she could use the bathroom. You never know where that sort of thing will end.

Finalist for the 1984 Books in Canada First Novel Award

“A word on the subject of recent Canadian detective fiction: for this reader, the apogee of the genre is still  Douglas Glover’s Precious, a work as elegant as it is intelligent, and which succeeds superbly in the creation of convincing character, setting and moral atmosphere. (Janice Julyk Keefer in Books in Canada)

“Sheer high spirits make it a jolly Canadian extravaganza.” (Globe and Mail)

“Everything one wants in a literary entertainment: pace, verve, snappy dialogue, witty intelligent narration.” (Books in Canada)

Douglas GloverPrecious is about newspapers, small towns, love, honour and death. The spiritual forebear of Douglas Glover is clearly Ross Macdonald, the original chronicler of ambition and amnesia, and their bastard offspring, murder.” (Clark Blaise, author of  A North American Education and Lunar Attractions)


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