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Douglas Glover

The Art of Desire, The Fiction of Douglas Glover, Edited by Bruce Stone, Ottawa: Oberon Press, 2004. (Essays by Bruce Stone, Louis K. MacKendrick, Claire Wilkshire, Lawrence Mathews, Phil Tabakow, Don Sparling, Philip Marchand, & Stephen Henighan.)

Table of Contents

A Writer’s Guide to Douglas Glover’s Fiction — The Fictions of Douglas Glover, A Preliminary Survey — The Voices Voice Comprises: Incorporation, First-Person Narration and Gender Performance in Douglas Glover’s “Red” — “Some Wonderful Linguistic Game Above Believing”: Meaningfulness in Two Stories by Douglas Glover — “They Are Just Like Us Except….”: Ironic Reconsiderations of Canadian/American Stereotypes in “Swain Corliss, Hero of Malcolm’s Mills (now, Oakland, Ontario), November 6, 1814” — Historical Fiction and Douglas Glover’s The Life and Times of Captain N.The Problem of the Artist in 16 Categories of Desire — “I Blame Printed Books”: Reading Douglas Glover’s Elle through Don Quixote — Styles of Approach: Bruce Stone Interviews Douglas Glover

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Douglas GloverGeneral Essays

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On The Enamoured Knight

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On Elle

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Douglas GloverOn The Life and Times of Captain N.

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On Individual Stories

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